Samstag, 17. April 2010


Communication is process of forwarding and/or exchanging ideas. This process can be limited to a single individual and stretches up to as many as you are capable of approaching. The quintessential component in communication is of course definition of concepts. It is my chief concern to be able to define ideas I encounter when I am learning. Do I understand what I hear correctly? If the example presenting it limited and subjective? What are the inherent limitations on the ideas being presented? How relevant are the approximations made to physical scenarios? ... all these questions are satiated when I say "I Define...".

So what is the definition of definition ?

A definition a necessary and sufficient description of an object. The importance of this plebeian statement is undeniable. Once we begin to take it into consideration, we no longer allow any underlying implications and hidden meanings passed undetected within our vigilance. Also we can then easily separate the wheat from the chaff. Thus a technical viewpoint may be a very intricate thing to possess, but nevertheless it improves efficiency and clarifies vision. Availability of the definition can allow me to explain in very succinct manner what I intend and what I desire.

But then this is not so easy always. The problems present themselves when we encounter matters where we are stranded on he tip of the iceberg but unable to locate the bottom. That is, simply where we find that the the constituents of the definition themselves first need be defined. Here is where I have to stop and realize, that a more intense thought is required before I can progress. Here is the time for exploration where we strengthen our foundations and look back. This also give rise to a very curious doubt. What is it that I am actually building on? What are the most cardinal, most rudimentary facts that I have assumed when I started on this journey? All so much from a simple definition.

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