Samstag, 17. April 2010

My movie-fad

I have a great enthusiasm when the matter of movies is concerned. Otherwise my lethargy, whose permanent thrall I am in, doesn't let me participate in a flurry of activities.
I enjoy watching them any time any day. I don't even have much of a choosiness in the matter of the topic. I watch all and sundry without any kind of discrimination. But at the end (or the middle) of the movie I have formed a firm opinion that will take direct communication from the god/s to change. In this respect, I am the master (blaster) zen guru equivalent. My understanding is complete and thorough (well, that does sound a bit (a lot?) conceited,but we will accept this for the moment).
Lets look at my view point.
It pleases me exceedingly to have my heroes win at the end. If not totally win, then at least a moral victory is in order,otherwise the movie is blacklisted to have a bad and corrupting effect on the youngsters(who unlike me don't understand much). Still it doesn't mean that the movie itself gets a low rating. That will be determined by the plot, direction and acting. Take for example The Bicycle thief by Renoir. It nearly moved me to tears at the end (a very common feat, achieved by numerous movies; so no great shakes here..) as the protagonist walked away, lost and completely broken...But then he wasn't the HERO whose victory is essential in some sense. Still the movie receives an 'O'. This is due some powerful acting by the characters and stupefying direction.

Sometimes, some movies do manage to shatter my essentially ubiquitous calm and make me angry, they break all expectations and the only thing I do is to simply get out of the theater or Switch the TV off, if I am lucky enough. One such movie was King-Kong by Peter Jackson, of The Lord of the rings fame... First movie in my life in which I fell asleep in the theater. The watchman clearing the auditorium had to wake me up at some 12'o clock in the night. It seems that I had finally had enough at some terrible cliche and action packed high-definition photography of Dinos and Kong fighting in a frenzy to claim some girl. With sudden Deja-vu from one of the vile Japanese Godzilla movies, my mind had initiated some auto-protection algorithm, putting my brain in peaceful slumber to protect against any other permanent injury to my mind. The incident was not an independent and solitary one though. It was followed by the another at the Liberty theater as I watched Casino Royale, a so called Bond flick based on Fleming's original work. This time it was no sleeping beauty reprise, because I was laughing so hard that to prevent others from having any suspicion of hysteria, I had to stage a walkout from the front door. I heard later that it was considered the best Bond movie ever made...well, so much for democracy.

So here I am..Putting my thoughts on the web about movies...Some may like them some may loathe them..Please bear in mind....I don't mind anyhow.

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