Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

Wisdom and Intelligence.

I believe that there exists a distinction between these aforementioned ideas. This, I say from a cultured experience and reasoning . I have seen people extraordinarily good at what they do. I have also seen them lacking that quintessential understanding of their work that defines greatness. This forces me to associate the word intelligence, as I define it, with skill.

I know, this is not how we use the term Intelligence in everyday life. Canonically (one of my favorite words) , we call those people intelligent, who outperform us in some aspect of our life (:P) and we almost never use the term wise for anybody alive(!!! Do we ever actually SERIOUSLY use it???).

To me intelligence ideally means that you have some inherent ability to solve a particular kind of problems: People who are good with Arithmetics, with cell culturing or with programming belong to this category. These guys seem to us like wizards at work. BUT (and this is a BIG BUT) you hardly ever see them make great contributions towards sciences or arts. The people whom we consider having done such a thing (Einstein, Schrodinger, Darwin etc) these guys are of a different kind. Its not that these great men were good at a particular thing that make them great ("one-trick ponies") but the fact that they actually possessed something called INSIGHT that granted them the ability of the scientific Midas Touch :

To touch a problem and turn it into a solution.

This is Wisdom. The ability I can describe poetically as :

To drink deeply and to grow tall.

This is something that is not inborn but rather bred into you with cool calmness that you experience when your motives are defined. It comes to you as the obvious answer to chaos you see around you when you ask questions and get no satisfactory answers. Unlike inherent skill, it is born of conscious efforts taken towards understanding anything to its fullest. It is the ability to learn for the sake of learning and not ONLY reaping rewards. In short, it comes to those people to whom the Path is More important that the Journey's End.

And of course, I believe that it is superior to intelligence. :)

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