Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2010

Ambition and Aims

Only those who had plans, who had ambitions or aims have a claim to regret. Those who walked on intent-less paths can not count themselves amongst the honest in grief, for they never cared where they would end up. And thus when they reached where they did not want, they were by there by their own accord. Unfortunate not by choice but by circumstance and by the lack of Will.

Life is short. Life is once. And life is without objective meaning.

But NOT without subjective meaning.

If it is spent without sense and without object and without ambition, what meaning is left to that existence which was there now a moment ago and gone the next?

It is not a crime to fail against impossible odds.... But it is a crime to never challenge odds at all...

If our paths are twisted and turned purposefully in face of hardship to shun it, then there burns no fire of true life in our heart... but it is full of only and only the ashes of existence that never were aflame.

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