Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

Belief and Reason.

Only recently* I faced a question, first hand, of which I had only read and digested automatically (an attitude I am trying to give up) .

I was asked whether belief makes work any simpler (long history behind this one). My instantaneous response...NO. But looking back at the problem I see that this flashed in my head by instinct before I had thoroughly considered it.

When I reason, I have to have a solid premise to build upon. If I go back to the very depth of reasoning I come to a point where I can go no deeper because I have reached the very end of the premise where things are true by virtue of their being laws.....

But reasoning is a reasoning of contradictions....Nothing is really and completely true but may be false if only one contradiction exists and that contradiction is not then found....So laws are like beliefs that have been tested with experiments and dangling loosely/tightly according to the nature of the experiment, with the constant fear that one day some experiment will proclaim them to be laws no longer but a special case of a wider principle.....

Hence every belief has a right to exist, however stupid it may sound and if it cannot be disproved...If disproved and still followed, its followers are either maniacs or fools...

Once I had come to terms with beliefs , I realized that I had many beliefs which were hidden under my ignorance of the definition of a belief and a stern dislike of the word.

I believe in God. I believe in Myself. I believe in Human spirit and its greatness to conquer any problem that it might face. Strangely, I found that I believed in reasoning instead of ..well.. I believe in reasoning...

Belief: A strong trust in a matter not always available for proving...???

Reason: A way to prove Beliefs that can be proved using other more fundamental beliefs....???

* This is an old post. But the 'recent' incident was one of the most crucial times of my life.

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