Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

Creating a Mythos

I have a thought. I want to create a mythos and a setting (a universe) centered around a character ( a Hero) I deem perfect. The plots are to draw elements from the characteristics of this universe and pit my Hero against odds I consider feasible, realistic, difficult and entertaining.

I considered first framing the story in the future. A time where colonization of the galaxy was rampant and offered a vista of opportunities for encountering alien races and galactic warlords and reignited nationalism and imperialism with added complexity of a society in this atmosphere.

Then I have second thoughts.

It is too complex to imagine how human psyche would change in the future. Science fiction describing future is a tremendously tough nut to crack. The real reason is that not only the technology is going to change drastically but the Human Psyche is going to be affected dramatically as well. And though I KNOW that I can capture the technology changes, I am hard pressed to imagine how people will respond to their changed world/s.

So I decided to stick with a good old medieval society. Not a western society full of Knights, mind you, but stranger. The setting of the stories is another planet/Dimension very much like the earth but with an alternate history where the world is semi-cosmopolitan (there have been a hell lot of people like Vasco de Gama and Polo around since some time and "international" trade though, not flourishing, is nevertheless a usual phenomenon. The people are similar to that of earth racially and physically. Religions are slightly homogenized. The people are mostly.. uh.. tolerant of other races. And so on. Lets look at the things in a detail:


Lets get this straight. I accept being directly influenced by the following sources:

1. Thief video game series
2. Conan the Barbarian novels by R.E. Howard (Heavy Influence).
3. H.P. Lovecraft Mythos
4. The Monk class from the NWN game series.

It may seem to borrow from the Kung Fu series aired on god knows which channel. I have ONLY heard about it and i think there might be similarities between the characters but they are purely co-incidental. Batman has nothing to do with the protagonists (you will see why I am emphasizing this).


Mostly a single large continent. Pangea like landscape with certain natural dividers like mountain ranges, Rivers and land-bound Seas. Surrounded by oceans. other continents: Unknown. Earth analogue :Eurasia. We will never get to see the entire thing really. But the important parts will all be seen through the eyes of the protagonist, who is a traveler.


This is something that will be reveled during the stories. I have a very good picture of the mythologies and the History of this variation of earth so expect no continuity errors other than intended confusions I mean to plant.


Expertise: Hand to Hand combat, Camouflage, Stealth and Lore (especially folk-lore; you will know why)

Character: Based upon me of course; except the Combat and the stealth part and the Camouflage :P.

Experience: A clever non-linear storyline means I can have him on the learning curve or the Prime capacity.

That's not bad for the starters I guess.

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