Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010

A delcaration of independence

I am lacking something essential for sane survival.

A stimulus.

I have the natural poverty of stimulus for action.

I have no instincts that force me towards any particular direction, profession or activity.

The occasional bursts of exaltation I enjoy are rare and can not be trusted upon as permanent sources of guidance.

So instead of searching for that one natural stimulus hidden within my mind, by either relinquishing action or by incoherent action, I decide to try to learn to replace it.

I will replace it with choice.

I am under the impression that the natural driving force is inferior and evil as it robs us of free will. Whether this is because of my lack of it or through malice grown because of failure to search for it, i refuse to care. I have CHOSEN to embody choice.

Hereby I declare my entire severance with any past reason and emotion that may lead me to choose choice as a principle. I declare myself free of grip of providence and hold only my wish as the sole guiding light,

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