Freitag, 25. Juni 2010

Good Things in life : Overview

The good things in (my) life are neither free nor cheap and certainly not conveniently accessible. They are quite expensive and obviously rare considering they have worth that is measurably high and thus of equally great demand.

Let me start with some criticism.

You like beauty of nature , yes?
EveryDamnbody does.
But I believe that nature is overrated. And fortunately Scott Adams will bear me out on that one.

True, there are vistas that are breathtaking, (Victoria falls anybody? or Kanchanganga in the morning at 5:45 a.m. ?) But the rest like are simply nice.

That's it.

Nice. Not great. Not wonderful. And certainly not worth kneeling and praying.

They lack the awe inspiring capacity of the rare beauties of nature i.e. unless they are sprung upon us as pleasant surprises when our soul is wearied of the menial encounters of everyday life, which due to the hectic lifestyle of the present is everyDamnday.

Thus what I rate as Good or great is according to its intrinsic worth and not relative worth, that induces pleasure in my brain.

Let me exemplify my choices....

If you are a fan of Music, and you hear the Peer Gynt by Edward Grieg there is only one thing you are left to do.... Kneel and Pray. The melody that strikes your eardrums is certainly a divine creation. There is effort of a man that ascended mortality and risen into the epicenter of your mind. That is good. That is worth you respect. That is worth collection.

If you read 1984 by George Orwell, you can feel his words tearing into your mind evoking the horror of a totalitarian regime that has managed to abolish humanity in absolute terms and destines to survive evermore. Similarly Edgar Allen Poe would have you ensorceled with horror if you read that story, The Fall of the House of Usher. And if you ever have the fortune of laying hands upon the Treasure Island you might find yourself sailing into adventure along with the ageless Jim Hawkins and ever-squawking and swear-spewing Polly aka Captain Flint.

If chance has placed in your way the oft repeated words "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship " or the immortal scene where Dr. Zhivago looks out of his window, in varyenko, you know what magic can be created by a director who has achieved a perfection in his art. You may have laughed along with Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain or sung to the tune of Do(e) a deer with Juli Andrews and known that you are experiencing perfection made living and There is the true bliss, as I see, which is worth remembrance.

And of course there are all so many other things like Songs and poems and Graphic Novels
( comic books :P) and Video Games that have the same level of excellence worthy of your admiration and worth every Simoleon on their price tag (however disturbing it may be).

They are the objects worth your desire and your greed... the reason why you wanted all that money so you could spend it, spend it all, in a flash of opulence, and a feeling that, oh, so ever evanescent feeling of satisfaction, until you have set your eyes on another of those pretties.

And before I finish, there are some people worth... collecting... befriending being the proper word, whom you cannot buy with money, which happens to be one the reasons they are the good people in your life. They are the rarest of the rare men and women you will ever meet, to match your wisdom and perception and be on equal terms with you desire.... Their worth is immeasurable and thus undeniable... but with the added bonus of a tie that will last forever....

These and more good things in (my) life i would like to elaborate in some coming posts....

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