Montag, 14. Juni 2010


I admire you.

You have made me kneel.

I want to feel... that divine radiance you emit when you outperform yourself again and again and yet again.

That's what you are.



The ever-changing and thus the never-changed.

I have seen you, not in my dreams... but in mortal realms...

Sailing in stormy seas and veering through the reefs and the hail with sublime ease.

I have seen you climb those great mountains and stand in triumph on the summit with those colors bearing an emblem you chose.

I have heard your call in that symphony you have written to mesmerize me, that melody you hummed to fill my heart with emotion.

And I have read your words woven like pearls of wisdom upon the string of golden thoughts.

Oh, how I miss you.

Where have you gone now?

Shall I ever walk in your shadow that encompasses the universe when cast?

I am willing to wait.

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