Montag, 14. Juni 2010

A letter to a socialist

Dear Socialist,

I know this is not going to arrive at your doorstep or your mailbox anytime soon. Its perhaps never will be imprinted upon anyone's retina other than mine. But I have to write this one as I am compelled to make a case for capitalism.

I am afraid that the world is failing. World's largest economy, the US is going under and there is no stopping it. The impact of this event is going to be global and whether you hate the Americans or not, its implications are going to be at your heels tomorrow. I must confess I that I mourn this fall as I am an ardent admirer of the Nation built upon the premises of capitalism and freedom of the individual.

To aggravate the disaster, this is true not only for America but also for EU whose economy is in its death throes and on shakier grounds. Since these are the people contributing most to general welfare all around the world (e.g. UN funds) everybody (especially the underdeveloped nations) will suffer from their downfall.

I know how the US and Europe are criticized for their so called "Imperialist" designs and used as a popular boogieman for scaring the undernourished. They have also been criticized for rampant arms trade and funding wars. They are usual portrayed as the enemy of the downtrodden, being bullies and consorting indiscriminately with the rich to ride on the backs of the poor. All of this though not true, is tolerable. WHY? Because these arguments hurt no one. What is not tolerable is the childish attitude you have developed for NOT taking enough efforts to actually see why poverty exists in the first place and what is a viable means of combating it.

Let me make myself clear.

I know you hearts bleed love, hope and sympathy for the poor.

That is a good thing.


What is bad, is that instead of thinking about solving the problem, you want to rush into the non-existent fray of class-struggle and rebel against existing norms without proper justification. What I mean is, that by Blaming the US, holding protests, becoming Maoist and murdering policemen solves nothing. Let me emphasize. IT SOLVES NOTHING. You feel good about yourself of course that you have sacrificed everything: Your life, Your ambitions and your dreams without any expectations of reward, for the poor.


Do you have any measure by which you could proudly say that you have brought a positive change? Or are you dooming a million by helping a dozen or a hundred people?


What I simply want is NOT answers that are full of emotional blackmail but facts and rationality that explain to me how you plan to make a difference. To take a stand, as I see, is noble, BUT requires no intellectual efforts that results in a viable solution. If you are not a part of the cetera et cetera.

The empirical truth about development is: YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE PROFIT MAKING INDUSTRY TO HAVE SOCIAL PROGRESS. If the world does not show profit, the current situation of NOBODY improves. BUT IT GETS WORSE (deficit). What you have to understand is that capitalism is not BAD. The idea that "MAKE PROFIT TO BEGET PROFIT" is essentially the backbone of progress.

What you really need to do to alleviate the conditions of the poor is to give them JOBS! AND guess what? Jobs don't appear out of thin air!

By overthrowing the government or by protesting nothing will be solved. The best, let me repeat myself, THE BEST you can hope to help them is BY DOING things that you do best and build a better company, a better Bank, a better Shop or wherever you earn your salary, a better place to make profit. As YOUR employer grows he will be necessitated to hire new people helping the economy overall. THIS IS HOW PERHAPS YOU CAN MEANINGFULLY CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS BUILDING A BETTER WORLD.

I know you are not evil. You are only sub-consciously intellectually lazy and hence easily manipulated by other people like you, which is a vicious cycle actually. What i am requesting you is to NOT to be a part of it and think. THINK. Not feel. KNOW. Not believe. BUT learn. And THEN if you feel like it, protest (don't murder). Because then I am sure your cause will be justified.

Yours truly.

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