Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

A Pirate on the High Seas...

Standing atop the crow's nest,
his eyes on distant horizon rest.
With a brown hat all but fade,
he wears a bandanna colored red.

A drunken swagger and a royal tread,
adorns a pistol and a cutlass blade.
A broken compass and a single shot,
is all the gear he has brought.
Armed with wily and unfathomable thought,
by the navy 'almost' caught.

Aye, he is a buccaneer,
whom all the seven seas fear.

Fearlessly rides sea-turtles and more,
With jaunts on occasion to Singapore.

There's one thing we're sure about,
he's a pirate and there's no doubt.

His company knows no trouble no sorrow,
His name? Its Sparrow, Cap'n jack Sparrow.

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