Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

Time of reminding myself is here....

Why I do what I do, is something I have asked again and again and yet again.

I have questioned the nature of my insistances upon my beliefs and I have always found the same answer.

It is quite disconcerting actually that the reason is purely unreasonable.

It is simply choice.

The world has not forced it on me. There is no reward on this plane or others beyond this one, of which I am assured.

The path itself does not snake through caverns adorned with precious jewels.

There is no happiness guaranteed save the momentary pang of joy I earn when I understand.

There indeed is no profit in this particular road I tread.

The true answer is that I doggedly choose.

There are periodic times where I am brought to remind myself of this reason.

This is one such to-day.

There will be another on some such to-morrow.

My hope is that I will never delude myself into a reason.

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