Samstag, 19. Juni 2010


Are wars useless?

As all questions I ask, in all my posts, of course this one too is rhetorical...

Of course, I think the answer to it is, NO.

Consider the 1776 American struggle for independence. Was it possible for them otherwise to escape slavish taxes?

Consider the Battles fought by Israelites against Arabs...
Was it possible for them survive otherwise?

Consider the wars fought by the Americans throughout he last 4 decades before 90's.
If not for their presence, the world would be communist.

Wars are a powerful tool. Employed as a means to repel danger to one's political position. It is as important as the everyday battle we wage against others to get Jobs, to score in exams and to get a railway ticket. It is not an act done casually (well... Most of the times i.e.) but something planned and deployed with great care. It is not idiotic but is made to serve a purpose, as clear as the summer sky or as devious as the venus flytrap.

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