Freitag, 30. Juli 2010


We are living in most depressing times. Accumulated knowledge has become a burden instead of a boon, as it has become terribly complicated to carry in one mind at a time. Humanity can not survive without struggle, as conflict is the prime statistical reason that drives emotions. The abundance of knowledge has not made it un-interesting for us to derive challenge, but in fact it has made it terribly difficult to reach to the stage where true challenge can be found. The Challenge of Exploration and Innovation resides at the top of the mountain, which takes years to climb.

Thus it is with terrible patience and clear understanding the non-genius must suffer until he wades he way to the top. That is where his true journey in adventure shall commence.

This is ONE of the reasons why those with capacity become nihilistic. They either lack the Patience or the Understanding to climb these seemingly unassailable heights...

That is why I must too wait and try harder...

Only then I can achieve, in truth.

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