Dienstag, 21. September 2010

Truth and Justice : The End

In an increasingly politically correct world, the meaning of the word Justice and Truth is rapidly being forgotten or overlooked. Judgment is no longer made on the basis of righteousness (which can be presumed to be a tangible quality in presence of facts) but on intangible emotions such as Love,Harmony and Peace. The usual "justification" is, if truth be horrifying and Justice be cruel, we should find the solution in pardon or inaction.

I hold this idea in great contempt as it leeches the very essence of sanity from humanity. being sane requires you to relinquish the hold of the Wish on the Will and see reality as it is. But with a philosophy that says that Stoicism and Rationalism should be superseded by Hedonism and Utilitarianism, one can not expect to come to a conclusion that is in any sense "Fair".

One of the things I fear most is Political correctness overriding facts and eventually rewriting history to accommodate what the majority believes: Demo(no)cracy at its worst. With increasing demand to "ease the pain", "find a closure" or "healing the soul" of both wronged and the accused i.e. both the victim and the criminal, we are arriving at a point where Right can no longer be distinguished from the wrong. A true gray morality is being born, with a congenital defect of lacking the sense to tell the Good apart from the Bad. The justification for such a point of view, is that Black and White morality is irrelevant or absent in the Real World.

I find any such accusation ridiculous since Morality is not a static quality that exists outside us, but in fact originates from us! It is born out of Individuals who have the willpower to decide what they prefer to what they do not. When we reject Black and White morality, we are in fact rejecting OUR ability to perceive it. Thus it only makes US less capable and more susceptible to logical fallacy, where we no longer can support one view or the other, but forever seek the Middle path assuming absence of Absolutes and Fairness.

Truth and Justice, which ought be the foundation of any religion and Philosophy are thus becoming extinct, disappearing into nothingness. The "civilization" (in quotes, as it will hardly be civil or civilized) that this new philosophy will birth, will be a place of eternal horror to those who can truly see what being Right once meant.

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