Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Why I liked Fight Club.

What we must realize:
All the major economic empires are based on slave labor. By slave labor I wish to indicate the exploitation of the Third World and China's self-exploitation. Any economy that uses men in this manner, simply pushes the responsibilities from their population to another. This leads to moral decay as benefits so obtained are disproportionate to efforts of the individuals (undeserved surplus) and lead to consumer fetishism. The only way we can come out of it is through mildly regulated free-market implemented throughout the world. The world needs to become flat or capitalism (which will survive none the less) will accumulate some more human misery.
Here I am specifically targeting the idea of welfare state: Unreliable but factual History shows that it leads to the following:
1) Reduction in the work force by age related issues combined with low birth rate
2)Overall tendency for becoming "entitled" to non-essential human rights (I consider basic food and shelter with basic education (high school) as essential).
3) Self-loathing and nihilism.
I can't explain why I say this here... it’s an article in itself. But if one thinks hard enough these are good reasons to loathe modern welfare.
What we need in effect is austerity measures... It is a necessity to understand that a self-sustainable utopia where everyone rides magical Keynesian unicorns is a myth. People WILL have to work and work hard. A future where everyone is an Artist or Philosopher and the magical economy feeds everyone is NOT a reality... (Even in communism BTW).... and there is NO alternative to mental and physical labor.
The current goal of all govt.s today is to postpone the dreaded measures as much as possible.. This is because all these governments are Populists and KNOW that unpopular measures will not get them elected. And even if these measures are put into effect they will be repulsed by the opposition to appear as benign. Hence in US for example, it does not matter if you are liberal or democrat, everyone is happy to give out bailout, make wars for oil and increase the welfare...
It is our responsibility to stop this madness and elect crazy sounding people who are actually making sense about welfare... Please use your brains against your hearts and elect the right people... Otherwise global freedom is at stake!
P.S. I support capitalism... However problems it has caused to humans its still preferable to communism... which is hell on earth.

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