Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011


I am not an Übermensch. 

I am saying this because I know what being an 'Übermensch' means.

It is not just a person but rather also a goal; to become a being who creates the 'reasons for a way of life' i.e a morality, from within himself. A man capable of such a feat thus automatically frees himself from the shackles of finding reasons from without. He is not misanthropic or at least not necessarily so. But rather he is not dependent upon what he believes to be intrusive to his motives. He is necessarily an introspective creature. For only that man, who sees his thoughts clearly can indeed know his nature. Only through identification can a change be brought to enhance facets of personality that strengthen one's character and mitigate those parts that weaken it.

So after this long prologue, a short answer awaits the question you might ask.

What am I really?

I am neither the Superman nor the slave.

I am the bridge.

I can not claim that I have identified myself, but I am working on it. Cliched , I know. But true. Very, very True.

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